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Did I grab your attention with the cute puppy above? Please tell me it worked!

I am incredibly new to the blogging world and really would say I have terrible writing skills. I hope to fix that. I’m your “average Joe” (or “Jane”) with moving being part of my life since I was young, across Canada, across the road; you name it. With moving being a part of my life I built a strong passion for interior design and fixing up old things. I also have that same passion for my cats and incredibly annoying, adorably cute puppy.

I want to share with you all about my life, be it fixing a leg on my coffee table that my dog chewed. Making a meal in the crock-pot for a quick go to or trying recipes that keep me up half the night; maybe its changing a light fixture in my bathroom. I want to share and bounce ideas off to you. I love feedback and am always open to suggestions, crazy right? My husband thinks so!

I hope we can be apart of a community to grow together. Get in touch with my local community and use all the resources I can. Hop on my crazy train and join in the fun.

On that note, drop a line and tell me where you’re visiting my page from! Would love to check out other pages.


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