Life with a Puppy

Where do I begin? My husband really wanted a Boston Terrier puppy, I myself was hesitant (I’m the crazy cat lady). Well I negotiated for a Pug, lost – settled on a French Bulldog. It was nice when we both agreed on the breed. Well we got her from a breeder that was about 8 hours away from where we lived and the breeder was nice enough to drive her out for us. MY GOSH, I died when he put her in my arms, absolutely caved.

She pretty much whined the entire first night we brought her home so we cuddle on the couch, peed on the couch, slept a little – fell in love a lot. To add to all this mayhem, we also bought a new house, in the process of being built – living in my in-laws’ basement since we sold our other place and had to be out early.

She is the ugliest but cutest dog ever, also the most annoying but sweetest ever. I love her, can you tell?

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Well…fast forward to today. We have moved into our new home, we’ve been in it about two weeks. I go to leave for work this morning and notice a nice chunk out of my window trim that has some good chew marks on it.

Please don’t think we have been irresponsible pet owners. We signed up for puppy classes, trainer got hurt, waiting for new trainer to start – new trainer gets hurt. I swear this puppy sent some sort of like HA! to us. We crate trained her and she was in a play pen for the day while we worked with getting a walk at lunch time. We moved into the new house and she got her freedom, as she proved to us at the time she could be trusted.

Can I take that all back now? I literally went home on my lunch break today and set up her play pen and crate. When I left, I could hear her whining and my heart started to tear a bit.

Now I am sitting here thinking my husband and I are a bunch of looney bins who weren’t ready for a puppy. Am I the only one?

Note: We love her, even with all her craziness. We understand the commitment we made with her and never reflect our frustrations on to her. She is part of our family. My sweet Bella.

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