BC Edition: How to Change your Name after Marriage

I got married fairly recently, July 2016. One thing I always looked forward to after the wedding was getting to change my name. It seemed like that was one of those thing’s I looked forward to having, a new last name on my driver’s license. I know it seems a bit overwhelming at times it seems there is a lot to do  – where do you begin?  You start right here.

You will need/want to change:
Health Services Card
Drivers License
Car Insurance
Credit Cards/ Bank Accounts

  1. Wait for your marriage certificate to arrive in the mail. I know this can be the toughest part. Hang in there, it will come and you will take a bunch of pictures of it.
  2. Medical Service Plan – MSP. This is really the start of everything else. Contact MSP, if you are in the Lower Mainland you can call 604 683-7151. Anywhere else they ask you to call 1 800 663-7100 . Once requested with them they will send you a confirmation letter which you can take with you into the BC Driver’s License Office along with your marriage certificate.
  3. Driver’s License – You can do this one when you head in to do your Care Card/MSP. Make sure your address is up to date as well since I know after the wedding home addresses do change.
  4. Social Insurance /SIN – you will need to head online and following their steps. You will need your Passport or Birth Certificate along with your marriage certificate.
  5. Canada Revenue Agency  – This one was an easy one, for me anyways. I phoned 1-800-959-8281 told them I was recently married and everything was done on their end. Next time I logged in my new married name was up on the top screen.
  6. Bank Accounts – I just went into my local branch for our day to day accounts and they were able to update that for me when I got my new drivers license. Credit card companies can be a little different, some may do right over the phone while others might want you to visit a branch with your ID and marriage certificate or mail in copies.
  7. Canadian Passport – For a name change you have to treat this as a completely new adult application. Be very careful too if you do have any plans in the near future to travel. . This was the last on my list since I still had plenty of time on my passport. You can head here to get everything you need for your new application.

I really hope this helped, if you have any questions drop me a comment and I would be glad to help, one last thing CONGRATULATIONS. What an exciting time!

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