My Experience with a Miscarriage

I’m sitting here writing about a topic I thought I would never write about.  It may sound a little naive and when I think about it now, it really is. I’m still reeling from the emotions of that experience, and there are so many feelings and thoughts going through my head right now. I hope by writing this article, I will touch someone in a positive way.  Continue reading “My Experience with a Miscarriage”

Garlic & Parsley Pasta Dough Recipe

I can without a doubt say when I was younger, I loved to cook. When the cooking started being for other people I really shied away from it all together. I’m sure my friends or past relationships thought, pfft this girl can’t cook?
Long story short, I started cooking for my husband (boyfriend at the time) was basic, lead to better – now I try to master any recipe I can.

Continue reading “Garlic & Parsley Pasta Dough Recipe”

BC Edition: How to Change your Name after Marriage

I got married fairly recently, July 2016. One thing I always looked forward to after the wedding was getting to change my name. It seemed like that was one of those thing’s I looked forward to having, a new last name on my driver’s license. I know it seems a bit overwhelming at times it seems there is a lot to do  – where do you begin?  You start right here. Continue reading “BC Edition: How to Change your Name after Marriage”

Life with a Puppy

Where do I begin? My husband really wanted a Boston Terrier puppy, I myself was hesitant (I’m the crazy cat lady). Well I negotiated for a Pug, lost – settled on a French Bulldog. It was nice when we both agreed on the breed. Well we got her from a breeder that was about 8 hours away from where we lived and the breeder was nice enough to drive her out for us. MY GOSH, I died when he put her in my arms, absolutely caved. Continue reading “Life with a Puppy”